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Arrow Tag FAQ

Are The Arrows Safe?
The arrows have a Certificate of Insurance against shattering. They are rubber tipped with a special, lightweight compound that allows the arrows to achieve a good trajectory without causing any pain when they impact. Regardless, we require that all participants wear the proper safety equipment and follow the proper safety procedures. Safety is not a compromise at eXplore Brown County.  Please note - there is always risk in any sport.

What Do You Supply?
We supply archery bows, archery rubber tipped arrows, face masks, quiver with 3-6 arrows, a netted playing field - 150' x 100' with bunkers to hide behind, and a trained referee.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment?
You are allowed to bring your own bow if the pull tests to 28 lbs or less. We will supply the arrows.

How Do I Play|How Do I Know When I Am Out?
Arrow Tag plays similar to dodge ball, with the goal being to eliminate the other players, but with an enemy “base” as an additional target. When someone shoots you, you raise your bow and hand and yell “I AM HIT” and walk to the nearest “out of bounds” area. It is an honor system. However, the game Ref in each session will call you out if you get hit… and if they catch you cheating, you’ll be asked to sit out immediately.

Do The Arrows Get In The Way? Can I Step On Them And Not Get Hurt?
You can step on the arrows if you’d like, but you won’t want to! Arrows are limited in the match, and any arrows you find should be picked up immediately!

How many arrows do I get for each challenge?
The “Quiver” on each side of the arena safety zone is loaded with varying amount of arrows depending on the game type. Managing your arrows is an extremely important part of the overall strategy in Arrow Tag Archery Games.

How long are the challenges?
Each challenge is a maximum of 15 minutes and you can average 3-6 challenges per 1.5 hour session depending on how quickly each challenge goes.