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Zip Line

Zip Line Canopy Tour FAQ

How long does the canopy tour last?
The tour lasts approximately 2 - 3 hours

Can I stop the tour if I find I am afraid of heights?
Many people have a fear of heights, but still enjoy our tours. You will be double-clipped to a steel cable at all times when you are zipping. Our guides trained to follow absolute protocol procedures and will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, and provide additional support.

  • Absolutely you can stop at any time; we do not force anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with.

What is the highest point I will be at during the tour?
Our highest point is 70’, which will be when you are over the lake.

Do I need to wear anything specific?
Please dress according to the weather forecast.  We strongly recommend sunglasses or eye protection and you must wear closed toed shoes. SANDALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Rain jackets or pants are good for rain, we do not permit ponchos.

  • Be aware that during the winter months the temperature can be very cold. Zip lining in the winter is a lot fun if you are prepared for it. We recommend the following:
    • Winter socks
    • Long underwear
    • Ski pants or shell
    • Warm gloves
    • Fleece or wool top
    • Ski jacket or shell face mask (if very cold)
    • Warm cap

What type of weather causes cancellations?
We do conduct tours rain or shine, but will close the course if high winds and/or lightening are detected in the area. We will wait for at least one hour after the last wind gust or lightening strike before resuming the tour.

  • If inclement weather forces the closure of the zips prior to or during your tour, you will be issued a credit voucher for another tour valid up to one year from date of issue.

How safe is this activity?
We conduct a daily inspection of our courses and a weekly tuning of all of our equipment.  We also have a bi-annual inspection completed by professionals.  We strive for excellence and take extreme caution to ensure that all of our equipment is safe and suitable for use.

    I've never done anything like this before, should I still participate?
    Anyone who is willing and able and does not have any of the health conditions listed can participate in this activity.  Our program is designed for intergenerational participants.  That's what we love about this Canopy Tour, just about everyone can do it. Please read our requirements prior to booking your tour.

    Do you offer discounts for groups?
    Yes, contact us for group rates.

    What is the cancellation policy?
    Deposits are required for all reservations, your credit card will be charged for the deposit amount to hold the reservations you have made.

    Cancellation policy:  Once you have received a reservation confirmation, cancellations and rescheduling are allowed up to 7 days prior to your confirmation date and full refunds will be issued. Cancellations made 6 days or less from your confirmed date will result in the loss of your deposit. If you fail to appear on your booked date, the full amount of your reservation will be charged to your credit card. If we cancel any activity due to weather or staffing, you will receive a full refund for that activity only.  Overnight lodging, campgrounds or indoor activity reservations not affected by weather will still be valid, no shows within the 6 days will be charged the full amount.

    If you arrive for an activity and it is canceled due to inclement weather prior to or during your tour, you will be issued a credit voucher for another tour valid up to one year from date of issue.

    Guests are responsible for any damages or theft and must be reported to the office prior to checking out. We are not responsible for any personal items, accidents or other occurrence that may happen during your stay.

    How many people can participate in a tour at one time?
    Our tour size is usually 6 to 10 participants.  Group rates start at 20 or more people. Please contact us if you have a larger group or need special accommodations.

    How long is the zip-line canopy tour course?
    We have approximately 5,965’ of zip-line cable, broken into 12 different zips.

    What equipment is required to be able to participant?
    Everyone will be fitted with and must wear: helmet, chest harness, seat harness, lanyards, and trolley. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but specifically designed for a zip line course.

    Do you weight requirements?
    We can accommodate 50 lbs. to 270 lbs.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

    Can I arrange for a special occasion package?
    Yes, please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.  We are happy to accommodate requests when possible for large or small groups or to celebrate a special occasion.

    How early should I arrive for the tour?
    Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the tour starts.

    Why should I make a reservation?
    Canopy Tours fill up quickly, a reservation will guarantee that the day and time you want are confirmed in advance.

    Should I tip my guide?
    Our guides are highly trained professionals who have put in many hours of training to give you the best experience possible.  Generally gratuities should be between 10-20% of the cost of the tour per person.

    If I am pregnant, can I still zip?
    For the safety of the mother to be and the baby, we do not allow women who are pregnant in any stage to participate in the zip-lines.

    Is there someplace for me to store my purse, wallet, etc. while I am on my tour?
    No. Please leave large bags and valuable items at home or locked in your car out of sight. We do have a place to keep your keys while on your tour, but we are not responsible for any items left in the Harness Hut.

    Zip Lines Map

    Zip Line Canopy Tours Overview

    Zip Line Canopy Tours

    eXplore Brown County offers 15 world-class zip lines, the Fastest, Longest and Tallest Twin Racing Zip Line in Indiana! Soar over a mile of cable from heights of 20’ to 70’ through treetops, over hollows and our lake. The zips incorporate trees and poles, with a mix of both ground and elevated take-offs and landings. The length of the zips range from 80' - 1220' and include tower rappelling, side-by-side zips, scenic tree towers and The Screamer! a 1/4-mile 1220' zip, an adventure you won’t soon forget!

    There are 6 tours to choose from: eXplorer Tour zips #4-8 | Zip On Tour zips #1-3, 9 & 10 | Sneak Peek Tour zips #1-3 | The Screamer Tour zips #9 & 10 for groups 8+ call for booking, Be A Super Hero Zip and the two Night Flight Tours. You will begin the adventure with a rugged ride into the dense forest in an all-terrain, 10 wheel drive, Vietnam War Era 2-1/2 ton Military Deuce. Bring a group of 8-10 and safari ride 1/2-mile to the top in our Classic 1969 Fire Truck. NEW for October - Sunset Tours |Begin in the daylight and end in darkness with your headlamps. Tours available everyday beginning at 5:30 pm.


    Leap of Faith Mini Aerial Adventure Tour:
    Your group of 8 or more will gear up and gather at our Mini Aerial Adventure Tour consisting of 4 elements. tour begins with a 30’ monkey climb (guide assisted) up a white oak tree, through a hatch and onto a platform. Our guide will then coach as you ascend the 30-degree Stairway to Heaven bridge. You must now climb up off the bridge using a pool ladder. Congrats, you have made it to the Leap deck. Your guide will now explain ourFreefall Leap of Faith device and 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on and freefall! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. Price is $25-$40 based on number of Leaps and group size. This tour is for Groups of 8 or more and we will be happy to quote your group.

    Explorer Zip tour Leap of Faith option:
    After experiencing the eXplorer Zip Tour (see our zip cartoon map), you now have an upgrade option. The repel lowering is our standard ending, but now we are offering the Leap of Faith ending. This will consist of the Stairway to Heaven bridge, pool ladder, and then our freefall Leap of Faith device with 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on and freefall! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. Upgrade - $10 per person.

    How is eXplore Brown County different from other zip lines in Indiana?

    • We use a hands-free, gloveless, guide assisted, zip line braking system. This allows all ages to zip without the fear of braking themselves
    • We provide true tree top to tree top, Costa Rican canopy style adventure
    • We offer low impact courses - short climb of 12 steps over a 5' incline to a platform, then you are off and soaring on our zip lines
    • We are family friendly, all ages, all abilities and athletic skill levels can enjoy the thrill of zipping - minimum weight 50 lbs - maximum weight 270 lbs