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Rentals FAQ

What is the capacity of the hall?

The capacity of the hall is based on the seating arrangement that you design. There are tables and chairs inside the hall for a total of 165 guests with additional options for seating on the porch outside the hall. Four picnic tables add an additional 32 seats. Inside and out, the hall can seat up to 200 guests. You are welcome to bring additional tables and/or chairs into the hall to expand seating.

Is the kitchen facility included in the price?

The prep kitchen is included in the price upon request and includes: stove, refrigerator, 12’ prep table, dishwasher, 2 microwaves, and a 3-sink system.

Do you decorate the hall?

No, you are allowed to decorate the hall to fit your wedding theme. You are responsible for set up, cleaning, and disposal of all trash. We are a facility that recycles, glass is not recommended for any event, recycling is a requirement for the facility. No glitter or small confetti is allowed, and tape and push pins are not allowed to be used on the hall walls. You may use push pins on the wood beams only. For an additional $100, we will clean up after your event.

Do we need a liquor license for alcohol?

Alcohol is permitted inside the hall, renter must assume all liability and responsibility and maintain the alcohol in a private setting, not exposed to the general public. Indiana state laws relating to the distribution and consumption of alcohol must be strictly followed. eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat Inc. is not authorized by the State of Indiana to handle alcoholic beverages.

How long can I rent the hall for? Can I rent it for 24 hours, etc.?

Weekends: Friday - Sunday, $800 per day, 9 am - 11 pm. Weekdays: Monday - Thursday, $400 per day, 9 am - 10 pm. A non-refundable payment in full is required at the time of the booking and signed contract to secure your date and times. If you would like to book the Hall prior to or after your event, $400 per day with a non-refundable payment in full with signed contract. 

Can we rent cabins and campsites for a discounted price?

Sometimes..we can add on cabins and campsite rentals to any reservation for an additional cost. Discounts are based on availability, days rented, time of year, number of cabins or campsites needed, etc.

What is included in the cost of the hall?

The hall has many amenities for your group. There are 37 tables, chairs for each of the tables and a bar area. In the upstairs loft overlooking the hall there is a gaming area with ping-pong, checkers, and foosball or it can be set up to accommodate additional seating. There is also a prep kitchen and internet access on the front porch. Many extras can be rented for additional nominal fee(s) such as a computer input projector and screen. 2016 PRICE LIST

What additional items can we rent? i.e. Sound system, Tablecloths, etc.....?

There are many extras that you can rent in the hall, we can provide a list upon request or you can view our list online. We can also provide a list of local vendors to help supply anything that we can not provide.

Do you provide catering?

No, at this time we don not offer catering, nor do we require that you use any of our listed available caterers.

Can you provide a list of caterers?

Yes, we have a list of local caterers that we can provide to you. If you want us to provide the set up and contract with the caterer, we charge 15% in addition to the base cost of the food.

Is there a deposit for the Hall?

Yes, there is a non-refundable rental fee to be paid in full upon booking.  Bookings are NOT guaranteed unless they are paid in full at the time of the reservation.

How far in advance do I need to rent the hall for my event?

The hall is booked on a first come, first serve basis, so the earlier the better. We suggest that you reserve at least 6 months prior to your event, it is possible to reserve the Hall within 3 months of your event is we have availability. During September and October weekends, we suggest reserving at least 6 months to a year in advance.

Do you have the electrical capacity for a DJ, lights, and dance floor?

Yes, we have plug-ins in the hall for lighting at the stage area, and an area for a DJ to meet their needs.

Are there dressing areas for the bride and groom?

Yes, we have a room that would be available for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids to get ready for her big day. Our cabins are also available to rent for preparation purposes.

Are there restroom inside the hall?

Yes, there are restrooms inside the hall. Campers have access to the showers and restrooms inside the hall via an external rear door. The rear door will be locked and closed to campers one hour before and after your wedding ceremony.

Are there discounts for paintball and zipping for the wedding party?

Yes, there are group discounts for groups of 10 or more for both paintball and zip lines.

Is there internet access in the hall?

Yes, there is internet available in the hall, and outside on the front porch area. There is also internet available on the front porches of most of the cabins.

Where is the parking area for the Hall events?

Parking is available around the hall in addition to 2 large fields that can be utilized for parking.

Is there a clean-up fee?

You are responsible for clean-up of the hall which includes: recycle all recyclable products, wiping down all tables, and trash removal to the dumpster. Tables and chairs must be put back similar to the way you found them. We offer clean-up services for a fee of $100. 2016 Price List

“Wedding Weekend Fun!"

We got married here, and the people are absolutely phenomenal. From our first trip here in January to book our wedding, through the months to follow adjusting answer and rentals, everyone was helpful and kind. While we stayed, we did a zip line tour and it was so much fun! The staff did a great job making sure everyone was properly informed and felt safe through the whole tour. We rented several cabins for our stay, they were all appropriately clean, bathroom facilities also clean and stocked. All appliances provided worked well. 

The day of our wedding, the staff yet again exceeded our expectations. They shuttled some of our elderly guests back to the ceremony site, allow with campers nearby and kept them quiet and respectful, shut down the road that went past the ceremony site, then shuttled guests ball to the hall for the reception. They allowed us to clean up and get the last of or things the next day without charging another days rental and were again, amazingly friendly and helpful. We were so thankful for all the hospitality and kindness during what could have been a stressful weekend, because with their help we had a fantastic wedding, reception and weekend! Highly recommend for entertainment or gatherings! | Reviewed September 2016

“Great place for an off the beaten path wedding”
My fiancé and I chose Harvest Hall/Explore Brown County for our wedding-we wanted something different from the standard ballroom route and this location was perfect for a fall wedding. The staff was helpful when we had questions and issues. The one recommendation I would make is to have an assigned coordinator for events, which might alleviate asking multiple employees the same thing. We had many compliments from guests about the facility and several also mentioned returning for zip lining & paintball. The prices were very reasonable and with free reign (within reason) to decorate to our liking, I would highly recommend this location for couples looking to have a beautiful wedding on a budget.| Visited October 2015 | Alaina, Indianapolis, IN
“Amazing Wedding Reception…Exceptional Staff!
Our Daughter had her Wedding Reception on May 9th, 2015 at The Harvest Hall located inside the Explore Brown County Grounds. It could not have been a better experience. Everyone from the Owner Gary to the employees, Chris and Neal ,ET. were so helpful and so nice. They worked with our catering company and DJ, which gave us so much peace of mind while we were at the actual wedding ceremony. They are true professionals and The Harvest Hall is a gorgeous venue for a rustic wedding or as I call it "Rustic Elegance" ...If you book this place you will not be disappointed! Many of our guests rented cabins on site which made it very handy and everyone could enjoy themselves and not have to worry about driving. This place is a cool find and I would use it again and again for other functions! Thanks Gary and Staff for everything, you're the "BEST". Reviewed Trip Advisor - June 5, 2015
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