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Zip Line Canopy Tour Rates

Sneak Peak Tour | Allow 1. 5 hours | $35 per person

Premiere eXplorer Tour - a world-class course - 5 zips, two sky bridges and rappel.  Allow 3 hours for this tour. | $75 per person

Zip On! Tour - 5 zips includes 2 twins. Allow 2.5 hours | $70 per person

Screamer Tour - 1220' & 420' Racing Zips - twin racing zips 9 & 10 designed for speed - up to 45 mph. Allow 1.5 hours | Available for groups of 8+, call for bookings

Be a Super Hero Tour or Super Star Flights | 1 Zip - 2 Flights | $25 per person

Night Flights
The Expedition Tour
| 5 Zips, 2 Sky Bridges, Rappel | Allow 2.5 hours | $80 per person | Check out our Night Flight photos!
The Escape Night Flight Tour
| allow 1.5 - 2 hours | $45 per person

What You Need to Know

  • Advance reservations are required, book online up to 2 hours prior to tour times - based on availability. 
  • Brown County residents receive $10 off with valid I.D.
  • Military and Law Enforcement receive 10% off with valid I.D.
  • Parties of 20 or more qualify for a group discount
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons
  • All reservations are secured with a paid deposit
  • Remember to thank your guides who are hard working and highly trained; gratuities of 10-20% of the cost of your tour per person are appreciated
  • Please leave all personal items locked securely in your vehicle, we do not provide lockers or storage areas and cannot be responsible for items.  Souvenirs are available at our registration building
  • Plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time
  • We reserve the right to adjust tour times
  • Please note: we are not responsible for electrical outages due to acts of God, no refunds based on weather.

Zip Lines Map

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eXplore Brown County is a member of the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology). The ACCT is responsible for setting standards for course operators and works directly with American National Standards Institute.

XBC has always met the ACCT's course guidelines and follow the strict standards set by the leading industry in Challenge Course & Zip-line/Canopy Tour technology. eXplore Brown County prides itself in providing a low risk environment for families, groups and friends to enjoy the great outdoors. Meeting those standards to provide quality activities with expected daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inspections has always been XBC's priority and mission. 



eXplorer Canopy Tour - a world-class course - 5 zips (#4-8), 2 Sky Bridges and Rappel. Allow 2 - 2,5 hours for this tour | $75 per person
Add our Leap of Faith bridge and rappel for $10 more

Zip On! Tour - 5 zips(#1-3, 9 & 10) includes 2 Twins. Allow 1.5 - 2 hours | $70 per person

The SCREAMER Tour! | 1220' & 420" Twin Zips - 1/4 mile twin racing zips 9 & 10 designed for speed - up to 45 mph. Allow 1 hour | $35 per person | Reserved for groups of 8+, call for bookings

Sneak Peek Tour - 3 zips (#1-3) Designed especially with first timers in mind. Allow 45 minutes | $35 per person

Night Flight Tours Friday & Saturday - June through October - Headlamps, Tiki lit decks 60' in the air, the moon, the stars, Zip On! into the darkness, choose from 2 tours
Escape Tour - Allow 1 hour | $45 per person
Expedition Tour - Allow 2.5 hours | $80 per person

Be A Super Hero Flight

Super Hero Tour - Three Flights – It's a bird, it's a plane -Soar like Superman over a 60' wooded ravine. Turn and fly back again...you are flying, suspended in the air. Everyone feels like a hero with this experience. Allow 45 minutes | $25 per person. 
Make it a Zip Top Shot - We supply you with a paintball gun, you shoot at hubcaps as you fly through the air like a hero! | $30 per person

From Our Fans…

“Totally Awesome Experience”

Reviewed June 2016

My son and I went zip lining today and had a totally awesome experience. First thing I noticed was how clean and tidy the place was. Then I noticed how friendly and informative the staff was, eager to assist and answer any and all questions and concerns. Most of all, I was impressed by our guides, Sydney and Mike. Their knowledge,along with attention to details, especially safety, is commendable and brings credit upon themselves and Explore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat. I highly recommend this outfit and definitely plan a return visit. Keep up the good work guys. Visited June 2016

"Great Family Outing!!"

This was our first time ziplining and we had a great time. We have a 7 and 10 year old and they had a blast as well. We went for my husbands birthday and it was a great experience, he even received a free shirt for his birthday! Our guides Katie and Mark were amazing, super great with the kids and my scared self :) I was very impressed with the safety measures the staff took as well.

Visited June 2016

From Our Fans…

Three girlfriends & I traveled to Brown County to celebrate a milestone birthday by doing something out of our comfort zone. We signed up for a 2 hr zipline & while there, realized one friend was just as frightened of heights as I was. My 2nd friend was also a rookie & our other friend previously did a zip line, in Ohio. She was instrumental in convincing us to try it...and I have to say, we can't stop thanking her...it was an AWESOME experience ! Our fearless leaders with eXplore, Roo & Zach, made the entire adventure a total blast ! Both guys were not only entertaining, they were extremely patient, kept us calm, relaxed & laughing, which definitely helped me overcome my fear. "Thank you" to the employees who assisted with the reservation process & the zip leaders....all were professional, patient & helpful...and most of all, fun ! We will be back again within the next 12 months to enjoy another ride in the sky!
— IndyPatty1953 · Fishers, Indiana
From Our Fans…

“A second visit this summer and every bit as much fun as the first one” - Reviewed September 30, 2015

After our visit in the spring, we told MANY friends about it. Our group was celebrating the year of 60/80 so yet another 80 year old mother wanted to try this. 7 of us went down on a Wednesday in September 4 veterans/3 newbies and EVERYONE was delighted. We did the same 5 lines but it was every bit as much fun as the first time. The staff is so friendly and very efficient. We cannot say enough about this place. We are already planning on next spring's visit - we ARE going to do another set of lines! Thanks Daron and Eman!! | Visited September 2015

Our Fans Have Said…
My grand-kids wanted to go Zip lining over spring break. None of us had ever done this. I am Extremely pleased that I picked Explore Brown County! BILLY & DON we're our guides. They made the day exceptional. They made us feel more relaxed and completely safe and secure. I don't think the smile left my face all afternoon! They also tried to direct us in ways we would add to our fun. I am so grateful to them for making our first time unforgettable. I now can't wait to go back. YOU ROCK!
Thank you Billy & Don!! | Visited April 2017
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