Job Information

Zip Line Guide

  Job Qualifications:

· Responsible, reliable, punctual, and committed to the job

· Pleasant and courteous in all interactions with guests

· Good decision making abilities with risk management

· Communicates well with co-workers and management

· Can learn, retain, and implement zip-line guide training techniques and properly maintain equipment 

· Is willing to work in diverse types of weather

· Flexible schedule

· Must successfully complete facility training; to include various physical and written examinations and evaluations

· Must be committed to work from Mid-February to Mid-November/ both available as a part-time employee

· Participate in regular staff development, In-Service Dates, and maintain proficiency in all technical skills

· Ability to walk, stand, and/or hang in a harness for an extended period of time

· Able to lift and carry 50lbs. of weight 

· Able to handle demanding work schedule with long work weeks in a multi-task environment

· Must have reliable transportation

· Must have a desire to enjoy life, have fun, and be awesome


Job Description/Responsibilities:

The seasonal XBC job is an "at will" position and works under the General Manager. The responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

· Arriving ready to work for scheduled guide responsibilities as assigned on the staff schedule

· Meet and greet guests, while assisting in customer registration and payment

· Maintain a professional sense of humor and a cooperative attitude in dealing with participants. Treat guests in a manner that makes them feel respected, valued, and cared for

· Inspection of zip line canopy tour equipment prior to each use; including appropriate completion of evaluation form/ Harness Hut To Do Lists

· Leading pre-trip briefing and equipment outfitting for XBC activities

· Acting as sending and/or receiving guide for zip line canopy tours

· Management of risky behavior and maintaining control of the tour group at all times

· Responsible for personal safety and safety of others

· Set up and break down of zip line canopy tour course

· Assisting in maintenance of grounds/property; related to check in area, equipment shed, trails, cabins, firewood, bathrooms, and etc...

· General customer service and the ability to teach about our environment in an ecological format following our Mission Statement.

· Marketing and Admin skills a plus. We also cross train in paintball, arrow tag and team building activities. We sell Fun!

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