Adventure Team Building Programs

eXplore Brown County is now offering opportunities for Adventure and Experiential Team Building! Team building at eXplore Brown County is a hands-on experiential learning opportunity designed to encourage members of a group to work together in order to create more effective outcomes. The challenges you will participate in provide an interesting and transformative method for learning and applying skills to scenarios you may encounter in the workplace, at school, or even at home.

Our mission with team building is to bring groups together to think creatively, be resourceful, problem solve, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and have fun while doing it! This program may be combined with any of our existing activities to create even more of an adventure! To enhance your group bonding experience include Arrow Tag, Paintball, Zip Line Tours, or the Leap of Faith.

We can work with you to best fit the needs of your group and enhance the positive outcome of the experience. Please call us at 812 988 7750 ext. 9 or email us at to request a QUOTE. Price will depend on the following criteria:

·        Size of group
·        Weekday or weekend
·        Time frame
·        Food requests (optional, you may provide your own food)
·        Additional activities: Paintball, Zip Line, Arrow Tag, etc
·        Hall rental
·        Overnight stay

Spending a day with your group engaging in our outdoor activities can offer some amazing benefits. Businesses, corporations, schools, youth groups, or social organizations occasionally need to focus on the benefits of socializing rather than the everyday stress and deadlines that come with a structured day. Participating in our activities can have some far reaching benefits and helps everyone learn to build trust and improve communication among co-workers or students. Get your group together, come out, and experience a rewarding day.

Our activities often have some amazing team building results within your group. Some of these may include:

  • Improve Communication & Productivity
  • Boost Morale
  • Enhance Motivation
  • Promote better teamwork in the workplace
  • Encourage camaraderie and collaboration
  • Learn strengths and weaknesses
  • Celebrate success and accomplishments
  • Increase teamwork enhancing your groups’ success


Our zip lines are challenging and engage all participants to support one another while developing a real sense of team spirit. The courses and experiences are real and memorable, and a good foundation to build new relationships, enhance friendships, communicate effectively, solve problems, and challenge themselves and others to continue their experience of becoming a leader. 


All sizes and types of groups can benefit from playing paintball. The game of paintball is designed to engage a team in various tasks that demand skill and technique.

Teams must work together to defeat the opposition, developing: communication skills, planning, cooperation, decision-making, and effective use of resources. Paintball is a great stress reliever, improving morality and building team spirit. But most of all, it's FUN!


Similar to paintball, Arrow Tag can accommodate all different types of groups. You receive many of the same benefits as your goals will mostly be the same, but you avoid the bruises of paintball.

Along with learning (or refining) archery skills, teams can learn how to improve their communication, strategy, and delegation as our mini-games will not only increase the bond among your group, but they'll also have a great time!


Your group of 8 or more will gear up and gather at our Mini Aerial Adventure Tour consisting of 4 elements. The tour begins with a 30’ monkey climb (guide assisted) up a white oak tree, through a hatch and onto a platform. Our guide will then coach as you ascend the 30-degree Stairway to Heaven bridge. You must now climb up off the bridge using a pool ladder. Congrats, you have made it to the Leap deck. Your guide will now explain our Freefall Leap of Faith device and 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on, and leap! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. 


Our Mini Aerial Adventure may be the most challenging option we have. However, the benefits of this tour can’t be denied. To complete this course, teamwork and encouragement is a must. Participants will have to face their fears not only on the climb up, but as they're standing on the edge ready to leap. Show them that they’re not alone as your group can face these fears together and strengthen their bond through an experience they’ll never forget! Please note that there may be physical and size limitations.


Here at eXplore Brown County we are extremely group friendly and cater to all types and sizes of groups. Our staff will work with your group to create an event or plan activities that will meet the needs of your group or organization. Whether your goal is to improve communication and problem solving skills, bring the group together by creating a sense of camaraderie or just have some fun, we have what it takes. Some groups who have benefited from our activities:

  • Church Youth Groups
  • Homeschoolers
  • Scout Troops
  • Athletic Teams
  • Administrators & Faculty
  • Public & Private School Students
  • College Clubs, Teams & Organizations