Group Opportunities

Corporate, Youth, Schools, Church, and Social Organizations: We Offer Amazing Adventures

Spending a day with your group engaging in our outdoor activities can offer some amazing benefits. Businesses, corporations, schools, youth groups, and social organizations occasionally need to focus on the benefits of socializing rather than the everyday stress and deadlines that come with a structured day. Participating in our activities can have some far reaching benefits and helps everyone learn to build trust and improve communication among co-workers or students. Get your group together, come out, and experience a rewarding day.


Bring your group out and zip the trees here at eXplore Brown County! When you bring a large enough group, you can experience our “Rodeo Style” zip line tours. We will minimize your wait time between zips as we station a zip line guide on each platform to speed up your tour. This way, your group will have non-stop thrills as you have the experience of a lifetime!


Come play paintball with your group and get your own private game with 10 or more! Bring your group and test your mettle and play in some of our woodsball fields. We have several games your group can choose from including: death match, king of the hill, capture the flag, speedball, and more! Have an idea for your own game? Pitch it to your ref and we’ll see if it’s a feasible option at our facility. We will do all that we can to cater to your group.


Arrow Tag is an excellent game for groups. After learning the ins and outs of ancient archery, your group can jump right into it! Not only we do have traditional “dodgeball” like games but your ref can provide numerous options for mini-games that will be fun for all ages. Please not that your group must have 20+ members in order to qualify for a private game.



Your group of 8 or more will gear up and gather at our Mini Aerial Adventure Tour consisting of 4 elements. The tour begins with a 30’ monkey climb (guide assisted) up a white oak tree, through a hatch and onto a platform. Our guides will then coach as you ascend the 30-degree Stairway to Heaven bridge. You must now climb up off the bridge using a pool ladder. Congrats, you have made it to the Leap deck. Your guide will now explain our Freefall Leap of Faith device and 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on, and leap! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. Price is $25-$40 based on number of Leaps and group size. This tour is for Groups of 8 or more and we will be happy to quote your group. Please note that there may be physical and size limitations.


The perfect indoor venue to host parties and celebrate special occasions. Our Harvest Hall section of the website has complete details on pricing, amenities, and complete details. Book your next party with us.

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Anniversary

Here at eXplore Brown County we are extremely group friendly and cater to all types and sizes of groups. Our staff will work with your group to create an event or plan activities that will meet the needs of your group or organization. Whether your goal is to improve communication and problem solving skills, bring the group together by creating a sense of camaraderie, or just have some fun, we have what it takes. We can rent a portion of our entire facility for your event needs. Some groups who have benefited from our activities:

  • Church Youth Groups
  • Homeschoolers
  • Scout Troops
  • Athletic Teams
  • Administrators & Faculty
  • Public & Private School Students
  • College Clubs, Teams & Organizations

We have a great group of marketers who are out selling XBC to various groups. If one of them contacts you, they are associated with us and the deal is real. If you have any questions, call us first. Our group sales staff:

  • Patricia Bartels
  • Amber Bailey
  • Janelle Berning
  • Evan Markley
  • DaRon Bruce

Group and event information - For groups of 20 or more, please click here for our group inquiries page and complete the online form. We will contact you once we have received your information. We do have group rates for our activities and accommodations. Questions? Visit our FAQ's page for large groups or contact us at or give us a call!